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Central Park pedicab tours are an unconventional, yet fun way to sightsee in New York City. Central Park pedicab tours are a convenient way of touring the city with friends and family. Central Park pedicab tours are the finest rides in Central Park. They are very accommodating and offer a 360-degree view around your entire trail.

It has a small collapsible canopy, but its best if you use a hat and sunscreen instead of blocking your view with the shade. Most of the pedicabs are customized to suit the large number of tourists that visit the Central Park area. Central Park Pedicab Tours have educated guides as drivers. They are appointed and based on the customer’s choice and needs. Most pedicab guides speak languages as German, Spanish, Italian and French.

Central Park is regarded as the National Historic Landmark of New York. For the same reason it draws about 30 million visitors every year. Central Park, has the most complete list itinerates that draws millions of Travelers on an hourly drill. Here are some of the most popular highlights you are able to see by taking Central Park pedicab tours:

  • The Belvedere Castle
  • The Central Park Conservatory Garden
  • The Central Park Zoo
  • The Columbus Circle
  • The Carousel
  • The Monkey Bar
  • The Plaza Hotel
  • The Pleasure Chest
  • The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre