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Central Park Bike Rentals
Central Park Bike Rentals

Welcome to your one and only Central Park tour guide on the web. Central Park in New York City has so many different things to do, and hosts people from all walks of life everyday.

We offer Central Park bike rentals, fully-guided New York bike tours and Central Park pedicab tours to tourists planning on a visit to New York City. There’s something to do for everyone.

What is Central Park?

New York’s Central Park is a large green public park located right in the middle of the sprawling urban metropolis of Manhattan. Central Park is the most visited and famous public park in the US. You’ve probably seen Central Park in dozens of films – depicting its wonderful landscaped gardens, beautiful pond and antique wooden benches throughout. It is the perfect setting to unwind and be stress-free, or unleash your romantic side.

How do I tour Central Park?

Whether you are looking to rent a bike in Central Park, the latest and most comprehensive of Central Park bicycle tours or a Central Park pedicab tour, we have all the tours you will need to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Central Park and New York City. There’s something for everyone.

Horse & carriages are found throughout all of Central Park year-round. On these Central Park horse & carriage tours, you will find out Central Park’s rich history and how the various leagues and teams came about for events that are held almost daily. You need not worry if you do not have a bike as there are several bicycle rentals options that you can select from. A guided bike tour of Central Park is a big hit with the residents as well as the tourists. This is a great way to meet different kind of people and enjoy at the park, as well.

Questions about touring Central Park?

If you have any questions about Central Park bike rentals, bike tours or pedicab tours, please speak with a Professional English-Speaking Tour Guide at: 646-262-4216 or e-mail to: